Chennai Passion The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) in Chennai

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) in Chennai

Our high class escorts in Chennai offer a so-called “Girlfriend Experience”, that is romantic, sensual and passionate. They love to (french) kiss, cuddle, massage, enjoy long lasting foreplay and make love like you would with any other girlfriend.

The type of girl you’ll be proud to introduce to both your friends and your business associates. With whom sex is romantic, passionate, sensual, intimate and mind-blowing. Who makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, makes you laugh and brings out the best in you. Imagine your ideal girlfriend. A beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated woman who always looks immaculate. Who has style, class and elegance. Whose sex appeal is mesmerizing and makes you feel like you’re a young boy in love, unable to keep your hands of each other. That’s the Girlfriend Experience. The ultimate version of the old saying “A lady in public, a tiger in bed”.

A GFE (Girl Friend Experience) escort in Chennai is affectionate, beautiful and responsive. She’s always excited by romance and flirtation. The Girlfriend Experience is about mutual enjoyment of each other’s company where a genuine intimate connection is created. Our escort will be warmer and more socially poised than a regular escort, whilst remaining feminine and elegant. You will not feel like she is providing a paid service, she’s providing a mutually enjoyable special date experience. The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) must be created together. If you need to ask “what do I get?”, you have misunderstood the idea of the high class experience. Treat your escort as you would any other girlfriend. Do you ask your girlfriend “so what will I get tonight?”;, No. So don’t treat your Society Service escort any differently, she will respond like any woman would to that question…

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A romantic, sensual and intimate experience in Chennai

Whilst we do thoroughly tutor our exceptional high class escorts services, we do not tutor them in personality. They are encouraged to be themselves, at their very best, and they pride themselves on delivering a genuine, memorable experience. Our escorts tailor the booking to suit your needs, no two bookings are alike. The idea of our intended experience, apart from providing sophisticated company and emotional pleasure, is to slowly and erotically arouse, tease and seduce you, to induce a more fulfilling experience. Our high class escorts do not provide just sex. You can find this basic ‘service’ for a much lower fee elsewhere. We offer a very specific type of high class escort. An exclusive escort who is able to stimulate your mind, your body and your soul!

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You will experience a real connection with a beautiful and sexy woman who loves what she is doing, and is just as excited as you are. The Girlfriend Experience is fully inclusive. Your booking will always include charming, intelligent conversation, getting to know each other, flirtation and anticipation building, setting the mood. When your high class escort feels the moment is right, she will take initiative towards creating a more erotic setting. She will (french) kiss you, caress and cuddle and slowly undress each other. Indulge in a romantic candlelight bath together, followed by a sensual massage. She will tease and please you with long lasting foreplay and passionate lovemaking. Our Chennai escorts offer “Safe Sex”! We recommend you also read our “Escort Etiquette” for some more (practical) information!

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