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Unavoidable Things You Need to Know Before Sex With Escorts

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Having Sex with a beautiful escort ? Please stop for a while ask her if she is highly hygienically clean ! Don’t worry we are not asking you to stay away from call girls but we are saying to follow some rules while having sex with a paid sex worker.

As, the whole world is under the fear of Covid19 and everybody wants freedom of this fear but as no vaccination has presented yet, the only way to avoid Corona Virus is keep yourself hygiene maintained and try to keep yourself awake from the health side.

Since, Chennai is also the victim of highest number of Corona Virus Patients, all have to follow strict rules to spread the effect of Covid19.

So in that situation how somebody can get in touch with female escorts and enjoy the sex ? The simple answer is properly sanitize yourself and herself before having sex.

Here are the few things which you should never negotiate with –

Hygienic Demand –

Most of the escorts lovers wants girls at lowest cost but they actually don;t know the frequency of sex these girls have in a day and with how many people. Because of the lowest rates many people gets in touch with these girls and they might not have enough time to properly clean their body and suddenly they goes to different client. So please keep in mind that you only allow girls who charge high because they may not be available for everyone and there might be great chances that you are the first client of the day of these girls. So if you have enough money to bear with them, you should always choose the High Class escorts in Chennai at best prices.

Uncontaminated Place-

Spending time a peaceful place is always the first choice of everyone but during these days, you should always give priority to health safety not luxury. However, we know that luxury is the second name of quality but sometimes, there are some mistakes by housekeeping staff of 5 Star hotels as well. So you should always find out the good place where health safety majors are always good and entry point is strictly prohibited for outsides. In that place you can easily Check-In with your Sexy Chennai escort and enjoy the fearless time.

Pre & Post Bath –

Nowadays, bathing experience should be very different. You should have a bath in a little hot water. Take bath before Sex and Take Bath after sex. These two rules can be very helpful to stay safe from Corona Virus. So never forget these practices while getting in touch with an escort.

Stay in Touch With Only Girls Who You Know Closely –

As, we already told, new girls brings new experiences, but during these days you should always prefer call girls services from your past experiences. Independent escorts in Chennai which are considered as the safest girls and whom you know prior are always recommend for a safest sex experience.

Don’t Choose Girls From Classified Prostitutes –

Low Class escort service or you say Cheap Call Girls are top carrier of unwanted viruses. Because these girls comes in touch with several people and have sex with different class of individuals, you should ignore such lucrative cheap offers . Choose only high quality escort agency which can bring only trusted and hygienic girls to you.

Ask Your Queries –

Do you have any confusion about escort services and the girls ? Don’t worry, we are ready to answer your all the queries and short out your companionship problems. Contact us here

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