Why Choose Escorts from Chennai Passion?

There should always be a space between you and the Chennai escorts and that space is filled by us ‘Chennai Passion’. We provide a safety valve between two independent parties to ensure safety, security, confidentiality and fair dealing. Some points which we cover to increase security and time are:


We provide maximum security for our customers. We provide services mostly in 5 star hotels so that you are not deceived, robbed and played in any other way. We provide high class licensed escorts to our clients and they are always above 18 years of age so that you are not convicted of sexual abuse or any type of harassment.

Online Dating

We have also started a online dating facility so that it saves your precious time and you can easily provide your details and time of meeting in our online form and app so that you can easily meet with our escorts girls without wasting your time.


We are the most experienced and trustworthy escort agency in Chennai. It’s our prior responsibility to take care of the safety of our clients because even a little mistake can ruin your entire life. Our escort girl regularly goes to registered medical practitioners and they are provided a fitness certificate. They go through all medical checkup needed to be a escort in Chennai.


Confidentiality is kept between the clients and the escorts with they hire. The record are never disclosed to anyone even not the escorts. The escorts which are working with us are always trustworthy and their details are also kept confidential. This helps in avoiding any leakage of any information and scandals.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We provide guaranteed satisfaction to customers’ needs in different areas for Chennai. Our support team is always ready to hear you out and understand your requirement and works accordingly. You can report to us anytime if you are facing any problems in our services and we will solve that issue as soon as possible.

Square Deal

We always provide square deals which means we are 100% fair dealing company. We try to help our customers to provide up to date escort services according to their requirements. We always try to give something extra to customers in respect to the services they are asking for. Our rates vary according to the services customer chooses and there are numerous services to choose from, so that you can choose according to your taste and affordability. We try to make long term relationship with our customers. We also provide value added benefit services and discounts to our repeated customers. Chennai Passion is eager to hear from you.

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