Chennai Passion Call girls Chennai,Chennai Escorts,latest Why we don’t show Chennai escort girl face on our websites?

Why we don’t show Chennai escort girl face on our websites?

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It is very obvious why we don’t show the faces of our escort girls on our website because of the privacy of our escorts. Well, everyone knows that escorts services is illegal in India and our girls belong to some high class families which are only providing escorts services for extra money and pleasure.

You might be thinking that why other escorts agencies in Chennai are showing images of escorts girls on their website. You need to understand that these agencies are robbing you directly. The images which they show on the website are not actually escort girls real images. When you contact them and ask for the specified girl they will send you different images and tell you that these girls are only available right now. They don’t have guts to tell you that they were lying all along from the beginning.

You on our Chennai escorts website we make the faces of all the images blur to make you understand that we don’t want to harm the privacy of our girls. We don’t want to do the business on basis of lies and always try to be straight forward with our clients. We only include images to make our website look good and to rank better on Google. So when you contact us we will send you the images of the real escort girls and would like you to choose from them.

One more thing that other agencies are putting the images of some real girls labeling them as escorts. In real life these girls are actually not escorts. What they do is download images from different social media platforms and uploading them on their website. There might be sued by specific girl if she case against her. They are actually criminals who are destroying lives of some innocent girls. Please be safe and away from such type of agencies.

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